PROMO 3p XLR NA2MPMM adapter

3p XLR NA2MPMM adapter

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Adaptateur: XLR/RCA (M/M)
Fiche XLR 3p mâle vers RCA mâle

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Adaptateur: XLR/RCA (M/M)
Fiche XLR 3p mâle vers RCA mâle

3 pole XLR male - RCA / phono plug

Wired according to IEC 268-12: pin 2 = signal, pin 1 and 3: connected to ground

Features & Benefits

• Versatile, pre-wired and ready to use adapters to reliably interlock various connector systems
• Professional look and compact space saving design, based on the X Series (XLR worldwide accepted standard)
• Rugged diecast shell for best reliability

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